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Thread: InvalidOperationException: Travel Time data is not current

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    Default InvalidOperationException: Travel Time data is not current

    Getting "The travel time data is not current" error while running an Xact/Xpac script?

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    It is a requirement for the Travel Times to have been calculated in HAULNET before running any COM methods that rely on Travel Times.
    The COM methods do not force the calculation of Travel Times nor is there currently any way to force these to be updated via COM.

    So the calculation of Travel Times need to be triggered in HAULNET before the scripts will work. To do this:

    After stepping through the Import, Interpret and Rationalise phases, in the Analyse phase:
    • Set the Objective to Quickest Path (this makes it calculate travel times)
    • Select any start and end location
    • Select any Truck Type
    • Click the "Find Route" button

    If paying close attention the "Saving travel time calculations" progress bar can be spotted.
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