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Thread: Automatic running of a script

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    Default Automatic running of a script

    Is there any command or method that allows a script to be run automatically as a xeras model is opened?

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    As far as I'm aware no you can't Catrin. You can open a XERAS model from within a script (via COM), and then you can run an embedded secondary script within the second model, but since its opened via COM, the user can't actually use it then as far as I know.

    Ps. Not just doing XPAC scripting anymore I see!

    Edit: The XERAS devs want to know why do you need this? And what the script would do?
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    Yes, I've been assisting our guys in Xeras programming for a little while now. Getting to know Xeras better each time.

    We'd like a 'splash screen' to open as the model opens. I have developed one using Dialog boxes which works well when called, but it would be nice for it to display automatically, rather than be the script to run. But if this is not possible having only that script within the script manager and using buttons to call the other scripts is something I can work with.

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