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    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently working on a project with more than 60 trucks and the performance of my PC is challenged both by means of CPU and Memory usage. Is there any setting to disable the visual animation or any other tweaks for better performance ? Another problem is that even if the model is run until the end of the specified duration, in my case about a month's time, Haulsim starts to be not responding when the simulation data is being saved so it is also not possbile to extract the raw data. So is there any other way to extract the raw data without opening the report ?

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    Hi emustafa,

    HAULSIM is not designed to run for a long period of time. While simulating an operation for a month might run until the end, you will end up having problems generating the reports depending how much memory you have available in your computer. The reason for that is that the simulation generates a large amount of data.

    I would suggest you to consider running for a shorter period of time (say a week) and see how you go. Usually, an operation will not change much from one week to the other anyway.

    To run the simulation without any animation, you can use the Experimenter functionality. It runs the simulation in the background and generates the reports in the end. The reports you will have access to are the same as the normal simulation reports. To run only one simulation, make sure you create only one scenario, with one replication.

    Hope this helps.


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